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House Dinner Wine

House Dinner Wine
Mission Ridge Red $14.95 per litre
Mission Ridge White $14.95 per litre
Wine may be selected by customer specification

Convenor may supply own wine for function dinner only. A corkage fee of $1.00 per person will be charged for uncorking bottles and supplying glasses.

White Wines
Mission Hill, VQA $25.29
Chardonnay Private Reserve, BC Canada
An elegant wine with an oak undertone
Mouton Cadet $26.29
Rothscild Baronne, France
A clean and crispy dry wine
120 Santa Rita $21.79
Sauvignon Blanc, Australia
Great Succulent ripe flavour
Oxford Landing $27.99
Yalumba Chardonnay, Australia
A light and smooth refreshing white wine
Blue Nun $22.49
Refreshing crisp white wine
Black Tower $22.49
Elegant crisp white wine
Schloss Laderhiem $17.49
Okanogan Cellars, Kelowna BC

Red Wines
Beaujolais Superior $29.49
Bouchard Aine, France
A deliciously light and fruity wine
Don Miguel Torres $29.89
Cabernet Sauvignon, Spain
A popular dry red wine
Valpolicella $25.89
Classico, Italy
A great clean crisp flavour
Montepulciano $29.89
D’Abruzzo Zonin, Italy
Deep, rich and full bodied

Blush Wines
Corbet Canyon $19.69
White Zinfandel, California
A delightfully sweet and fruity blush wine
Mateus Rose $19.49
Rose Table Wine

House Wines
Mission Ride Red or White
Glass $4.50 ½ litre $9.95 litre $16.99